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GSRTC at a glance:
  • GSRTC has 125 depots, 16 divisions and a Central office/Central Workshop
  • GSRTC has a fleet size of around 8000 buses
  • GSRTC is operating 28 lakh kilometers daily with 40000 trips and catering daily 24 lakh passengers
  • GSRTC is covering 98% of the villages and 99% population of Gujarat in addition to plying to important destinations outside the state
Rejuvenation of Fleet:
With the goal of providing “More Buses, Good Buses” to traveling public, GSRTC inducted 12793 new buses in the last eight years at the cost of Rs.1906.46 Cr with the help of Government loan. It has also introduced new types of services including sleeper coaches, AC coaches and high- end luxury coaches for long distances travel.
Year Total Buses Grant of GoG (Rs in Cr) % of Over Aged Buses*
2005-06 1200 134.96 80.27
2006-07 1000 115.00 74.75
2007-08 1500 244.00 52.34
2008-09 1002 153.00 50.10
2009-10 1690 248.50 40.90
2010-11 1951 281.00 27.00
2011-12 2850 440.00 14.00
2012-13 1600 290.00 09.00
Total:- 12793 1906.46  
* Overage bus = Completed 8 lakh Kilometers
Improvement in efficiency parameters:
  • Load Factor has been increased from 63% in 2007-08 to 70% in 2012-13
  • Vehicle Utilization increased from 396 kms in2007-08 to 425 kms in 2012-13 which is second highest in the country
  • Diesel K.M.P.L. is increased from 5.37 in 2007-08 to 5.53 in 2012-13
  • GSRTC achieved highest K.M.P.L. of Diesel in the country and getting national award for the highest achievement of K.M.P.L. consecutively since last five years
  • Rate of Breakdown per 10000 kms drastically came down from 0.50 in 2007-08 to 0.22 in 2012-13
  • Rate of Accidents per 1 lakh kms decreased from 0.16 in 2007-08 to 0.07 in 2012-13
Passenger Friendly measures:
  • Monthly/Quarterly pass scheme at the rate of 60% fare for daily commuters
  • Free traveling for village girl students
  • Free traveling age limit for children has been increased from 3 years to 5 years
  • Free luggage carrying capacity has been increased from 15 kg. to 25 kg per passenger
  • Introduced E-ticketing
  • Computerized Conductor Way Bill Accounting System in all Depots
  • Computerized Daily Commuter/Student Pass in all Depots
  • Computerized Stores Inventory Management System
  • Electronic Ticketing Machines on all schedules
  • Employees P.F. , Pay Bill etc are computerized
  • E-tendering
  • Internet based Online Passenger Reservation System (E-ticketing)
  • “Automatic Driver Testing System” for driving skill test
  • “Online Recruitment of staff” for all category
  • 22 New Bus Terminals ( Rs 15.32 Cr)
  • 39 pick up stands- from MLA/MP funds
  • Gandhinagar Bus Station upgraded (Rs 2.85 Cr)
  • Satellite bus terminals at Ahmedabad, Surat & Vadodara
  • Construction of state-of-art bus terminals with commercial complexes at 6 different locations under PPP is under progress
  • Plan to upgrade another14 major bus terminals under PPP
Plan for the year 2013-14:
The State Government had provided Rs.550 Cr under plan ceiling for strengthening GSRTC in the year 2013-14.This includes a huge amount of Rs.300 Cr as equity and Rs.250 Cr. as loan
  • For purchase of new buses Government has provided Rs. 235 Cr to GSRTC from which GSRTC will induct 1265 new buse
  • For the construction of bus stations Government has provided Rs.30 Cr. from which GSRTC has a plan to build 17 new bus stations
  • For the upgradation and modernization of workshops Government has provided Rs.30 Cr
  • For the implementation of Information Technology in various areas of GSRTC, the Government has provided Rs.5 Cr
  • The State Government has provided a loan of Rs.250 Cr. for the restructuring of debt and to meet with other development expenditure
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