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What are the advantages of purchasing an Advance Reservation bus ticket with GSRTC?
GSRTC is the only Govt. State Transport undertaking corporation in Gujarat. GSRTC offers variety of services. There are several advantages of advance reservation with GSRTC, such as
  • You can choose your seat
  • You can book your bus tickets through internet, using GPRS enabled Mobile, or in person at your nearest counter of our wide spread franchisee network chain and GSRTC booking counters.
  • Choice based on boarding points, timing and bus type
  • Provision of relief vehicle in case of bus break down
  • Providing safe journey with statutory speed limits and skilled drivers
Do I need to register a user account with GSRTC to book online (e-ticket)?
Yes, you will need a registered user account. The account registration is very brief, easy and free

Does booking online (e-ticket) cost me more?
No, e-ticket booking does not include any additional charges. It will cost as much as you buy a reservation ticket from the counter.

Amount debited but ticket is not confirmed (failed transaction), what should I do?
Please send e-mail to,  mentioning e-ticket reference number or use rid registered with GSRTC and date of transaction. Reference number pops up on clicking the button “Make payment”. User is supposed to note the displayed reference no. starting with GS.

In case of success transactions reference number can be found at 'View-E-Ticket Booking History' when you login to e-ticket booking.

Is there any contact no. for any queries regarding e-ticketing?
Yes, GSRTC has established a helpdesk with (24 X 7) tall free no. 1800 233 666666. Passengers can call anytime for any difficulties or queries regarding advance reservation.

Does booking through mobile cost me more?
No, mobile booking does not include any additional charges. It’s a free service.

Does booking at GSRTC franchisee (Agency) counters cost me more?
No! The fare remains same in GSRTC owned counters and franchisee counters.

Is it mandatory to carry ID proof for e-ticket?
Yes. It is a compulsory to carry photo ID proof. Passenger is supposed to produce it at the time of boarding to conductor and to any authorized GSRTC staff during journey.

What are the age criteria for child fare?
  • Children younger than 5 years are allowed to travel free.
  • Children elder than 5 years and younger than 12 years will be charged for half ticket (50%).
  • Kids elder than 12 years are considered as adult and they will be charged for full ticket.
I've lost my ticket. What do I do now?
If it is e-ticket you can login to GSRTC application and take printout and produce it at the time of boarding. Passenger have to buy a new ticket if the ticket has been purchased from the GSRTC counters or franchisee counters as passenger has to buy a new ticket if the ticket is lost.

I have booked e-ticket in my name can someone else travel in the ticket?
No, Ticket is not transferable.

What are the options for the online payment?
Any VISA/Master debit/Credit card can be used for the payment. You can also make payment via net banking service.
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