Sr. No. Name Download
1.   Corrigendum of tender for scrap vehicles of GSRTC
2.   Press note color copy
3.   Gujarati Tender Notice
4.   Bus gsrtc-18
5.  English Tender Final
7.  Corrigendum to the tender for GPRS enabled ETMs.
8.  Tender for Co 2, Oxy & Acetylene.
9.  Tender for Envelop & F. C. C. Bag.
10.  Tender for Industrial Safety Equipment.
11.  Tender for P U Solid Paints.
12.  Tender for Radial Tyre (In Set) & Nylon Tyre (In Set) & New Tubeless Tyre.
13.  Tender for Tyre Rethreading Material (Cold Process).
14.  Tender for Wiper Assembly & Parts.
15.  Tender for Fire Extinguisher.
16.  Tender for Sticker-Radium Strip.
17.  Tender for Complete Upholstered Seat Set for 10 Mtr. & 12 Mtr. Semi Luxury Coach.
18.  Tender for Complete Upholstered Seat Set for 12 Mtr. Sleeper Coach.
19.  Tender for HSS Drill Bits.
20.  Tender for Cable & Wire.
21.  Tender for Conductor Bell, Hinges, Dash Board.
22.  Tender for General Auxiliary.
23.  Tender for Halogen & Auto Bulb.
24.  Tender for M.S. Angle & M.S. Flat.
25.  Tender for Silicon Based 2.0 mm Thick X 2000 mm Width Anti-Skid Ger. Floor Type Vinyl.
26.  Tender For Alu Alloy Snap Head Blind Pop Rivet
27.  Tender For Auto Electric Assessories
28.  Tender For Door Lock
29.  Tender For Toughened & Laminated Glass
30.  Tender for Retro Reflective Tape.
31.  Tender for All Purpose Adhesive.
32.  Tender for EPDM Rubber Glazing Insert.
33.  Tender for P.U Base Sealant.
34.  Tender for Readymade Window Set for Super Express, Semi Luxury 10 Mtr. & 12 Mtr., Sleeper Coach.
35.  Tender for Self Locking Nut.
36.  Tender for spring and Punch Washer.
37.  Tender for Synthetic Tar felt & Adhesive Tap.
38.  Tender for Chequered Plywood.
39.  Tender for Complete Upholstered Seat Set For Super Express Coach.
40.  Tender for FRP Foot Step & Door Handel Cover.
41.  Tender for M S Electrical Welding Rod And MIG Wire.
42.  Tender for Mirror.
43.  Tender for Rubber Canvas Packing Strips.
44.  Tender for Thermopolis Sheet.
45. Tender For Aluminium Section.
46. Tender For Automatic Vehicle Washing Machine.
47. Tender For Battery Charger.
48. Tender For G I Hollow Section and ERW Pipe.
49. Tender For H.H. Bolt and M.S. U Bolt.
50. Tender For Hydraulic Trolley Jack.
51. Tender For M.S. Perforated Sheet.
52. Tender For Pri-Painted G.P. Sheet.
53. Tender for Diesel Chassis BS IV (12 Mtrs length) EGR.
54. Tender for Diesel Chassis BS IV (12 Mtrs length) SCR.
55. Tender fOR Diesel chassis BS-IV (10 Mtr length) EGR.
56. Tender for Diesel chassis BS-IV (10 Mtr length) SCR.
57. Tender for Ready Built Midi bus BS IV.
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