Sr. No. Name Download
1   Tender to provide manpower to carryout PU Metallic colours spray painting with graphics on the outside / exterior of 11 Mtr. bus body for super express service type buses
2   Tender Notice_Highway Hotel Stay.
3   Electric Double Dekar Bus 11-12-2023 jaherat.
4   Supply and Installation of Automation of Driving Test Track for HMV LMV using Video Analytic Technology.
5   Supply Installation and Commissioning of CCTV camera - GeM Bid.
6   Supply Installation and commissioning of CCTV camera based surveillance system - Advertisement.
7   Appointment of Sole Agency for Securing and Displaying Advertisements on Corporations Selected Bus Stations Hording Board and Signboard.
8   Online Tender Notice for Hiring of HIGH-END Service Buses.
9   GSRTC has published tender on GeM Portal for the following.
10 ITMS Tender Adv.
11 GeM Bid Document_ITMS
12 GSRTC has published tender on GeM Portal for the following.
13 E-Tender Nivida - Commerce Department.
14 E-Tender Notice - Commerce Department.
15 Nivida-2.
16 One Depo Nivida-2.
17 Seat Back Nivida.
18 E-Bus Tender.
19 Finalization of Highway Hotel Halt for GSRTC Buses.
20 Online E-Tender Notice for Appointment of Agency for Reservation Ticket in booking windows in GSRTC Bus Station.
21 Tender Notice - Traffic Department.
22 Online E-Tender Notice - Commerce Department.
23 Online E-Tender Notice 2 - Commerce Department.
24 Nivida - LTC Agent - 29-10-2022.
25 Nivida Sudharo - Advertisement on Buses - 01-11-2022.
26 Tender Nivida - Advertisement on Hordings - 02-11-2022.

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